Appropriate Assessment & Natura Impact Statements

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Under EU legislation, certain plans and projects must be assessed for likely significant effects on Natura 2000 sites (SACs and SPAs) by means of an Appropriate Assessment. BEC Consultants staff are highly experienced and qualified to carry out Appropriate Assessments. We have completed Appropriate Assessments and Natura Impact Statements (NIS) for numerous projects in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments throughout Ireland…

Environmental Impact Assessment

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the evaluation of the anticipated effects on the environment of a proposed project or development. BEC Consultants staff are highly experienced and qualified to contribute to EIAs, having carried out Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) and prepared Flora and Fauna chapters of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for numerous projects in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments around Ireland…

Marsh Fritillary Survey of Louth, Meath & Monaghan

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The Marsh Fritillary butterfly is listed on Annex II of the EU Habitats Directive and Ireland is obliged to monitor and regularly report to the EU with regard to its conservation status. In 2013, BEC Consultants undertook a survey of Marsh Fritillary in Counties Louth, Meath and Monaghan. The aims of this project were to determine if suitable habitat was present, record the extent and management of the habitat, and determine the presence of breeding populations…


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Irish Semi-natural Grasslands Survey


BEC Consultants completed this national research project on the semi-natural grasslands of Ireland between 2007 and 2013. A total of 1,192 semi-natural grassland sites, covering 23,188.1 ha, were surveyed throughout the Republic of Ireland. Botanical and environmental data were collected from 4,544 relevés. The semi-natural grassland habitats within each site were digitally mapped and presented in GIS. The condition of Annex I grassland habitats was assessed…

National Survey of Upland Habitats


The uplands form Ireland’s largest expanses of semi-natural habitats and are of major conservation importance, with over 20 habitat types listed under Annex I of the EU Habitats Directive being recorded there. The ongoing National Survey of Upland Habitats aims to provide comprehensive baseline information on the extent and condition of upland habitats in Ireland, develop a detailed habitat classification system and establish a monitoring programme for these habitats…

Vertigo Monitoring

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BEC Consultants are currently conducting a three year project to monitor the conservation status of three species of whorl snail (Vertigo spp.) which are listed under Annex II of the EU Habitats Directive. The target species are Vertigo geyeri, Vertigo moulinsiana and Vertigo angustior. A total of 60 sites will be surveyed in the course of the project and the results will form part of Ireland’s reporting to the EU under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive…