Great Island Channel SAC

Client: Cork County Council

Mudflat in the Great Island Channel SAC, Co. Cork, photo by John Brophy

BEC Consultants was contracted by Cork County Council to assess the conservation status of areas of saltmarsh, and mudflats and sandflats, in the Great Island Channel Special Area of Conservation, Co. Cork. This project related to assessing the potential negative effects of sub-standard waste water discharges into Cork Harbour and inflowing rivers on these qualifying interests. As well as preparing a habitat map delineating the Annex I saltmarsh habitats present, an intertidal macroinvertebrate survey of the mudflat was carried out. Samples were taken by means of a standard core at three locations along three transects. Macroinvertebrate species present were used to identify the biotopes present. A report was prepared detailing the findings of the survey, assessing the status of the habitats and putting forward recommendations for improvement.