Portmarnock Foreshore Licence

Client: J.B. Barry and Partners Ltd

Stormwater outfall at Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, photo by John Brophy

In 2016, BEC Consultants was contracted to carry out a repeat survey of the saltmarsh and mudflat habitat in Baldoyle Bay at Portmarnock, Co. Dublin in relation to a foreshore licence for a proposed stormwater outfall. As well as preparing a habitat map delineating the Annex I saltmarsh habitats present, an intertidal macroinvertebrate survey of the mudflat was carried out. Samples were taken by means of a standard core at four locations. Macroinvertebrate species present were used to identify the biotopes present. The resultant report was incorporated into an Appropriate Assessment for the project and the foreshore licence application. The foreshore licence application for the storm-water outfall was successful and the project was completed in 2018.