Terrestrial Ecology

Ireland’s terrestrial realm supports a broad array of biological diversity. From the highly modified habitats of urban areas and intensive farmland to more semi-natural habitats, such as native woodlands and montane heaths, each habitat supports its own community of plants and animals. Numerous terrestrial habitats and species that are recognised as internationally important under the EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive are found in Ireland. Ireland is also home to many rare terrestrial plants and animals, which are protected under the Flora Protection Order and the Wildlife Acts respectively, and is known for its rich bryophyte and lichen flora. Baseline surveys and ongoing monitoring are required to ensure that these protected habitats and species are conserved. Thorough pre-construction surveys and assessments and appropriate mitigation measures are necessary to ensure that development projects proceed sustainably.

BEC Consultants provide a range of services in relation to terrestrial habitats and species including:

The provision of these services allows us to contribute to Environmental Impact Assessments, Appropriate Assessments and planning applications.