Specialist advice on Annex I habitats

Orchid-rich calcareous grassland (*6210) at Leagh South, Co. Galway, photo by Orla Daly

BEC Consultants has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the assessment and monitoring of Annex I habitats through its work for the National Parks & Wildlife Service. We have provided specialist advice for a number of development projects where the mapping and assessment of Annex I habitats has been integral to the progression of a project. Examples of this include Galway City Outer Bypass where detailed mapping of Annex I habitats within the Lough Corrib SAC was provided so impacts could be avoided.

The potential for impacts on sand dune systems at Portrane and Rush, Co. Dublin, were provided to RPS Group as part of the proposed coastal protection works following the storms of 2014.

BEC Consultants is providing an advisory note to Fingal County Council on the potential impacts of the proposed walking and cycling route from Sutton to Malahide, which passes through a section of Baldoyle Bay SAC. Additionally we have provided detailed assessment of Annex I habitats within Great Island Channel SAC to Cork County Council to allow expert analysis of the core strategy and settlement policy within the draft County Development Plan.  

Any project which may involve impacts on Annex I habitats requires specialist, independent, expert advice at the earliest stage possible. For more information contact us on 01 6619713 or info@botanicalenvironmental.com.