Water and Sediment Quality Assessment

Maintaining marine water and sediment quality at a high level is important for humans utilising the marine environment (e.g. aquaculture) and also for marine species. Environmental Impact Assessments and Appropriate Assessments for developments potentially affecting the marine environment will often require the sampling of water and sediment quality as part of the description of the existing environment. BEC Consultants staff are experienced in carrying out such surveys and sending the samples to an appropriate laboratory for analysis and reporting. The list of parameters tested can be developed in consultation with the client, or be set by a licencing authority.

Projects that involve the dredging of the seabed will require the analysis of sediment quality before a decision can be made in relation to the disposal of spoil at sea. This is an important factor to consider in the early stages of a project, as there is a major cost element to consider between disposal at sea or on land.